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Accessories are equipable items that grant the player bonuses, similar to Armour, though they do not appear visually on the player.

Items[edit | edit source]

Armour Attributes Source
{{{size}}} Firefly in a Jar +5 light Crafted
{{{size}}} Luminous Glowshroom +10 light Drop/Chest
{{{size}}} Iron Ring +1 defence Crafted
{{{size}}} Ring of Regeneration +1hp regen Chest
{{{size}}} Ring of Mana +20 max mana Chest
{{{size}}} Band of Light +6 light Chest
{{{size}}} Gold Ring +1 defence Crafted
{{{size}}} Iron Plate +1 defence Crafted
{{{size}}} Gold Plate +2 defence Crafted
{{{size}}} Fishing Hook +5 Fishing Crafted
{{{size}}} Tackle Box +15 Fishing Crafted
{{{size}}} Holy Water Immune to Poison Crafted
{{{size}}} Boots +1 defence, +5% movement Crafted
{{{size}}} Boots of Swiftness +2 defence, +10 movement Chest
{{{size}}} Ironboots +2 defence, + 5% movement Crafted
{{{size}}} Ring of Restoration +1hp regen, +5 mana regen Crafted
{{{size}}} Ring of Intellect +3 magic damage Chest
{{{size}}} Water Walkers +10 movement, Allows the wearer to walk on water Chest
{{{size}}} Lava Walkers +10 movement, Allows the wearer to walk on lava Crafted
{{{size}}} Ring of Poison +1 defence, Immune to Poison Crafted
{{{size}}} Ring of Blood +1 defence, Immune to Bleeding Crafted
{{{size}}} Minotaur Skull +5 melee damage, +10% movement Drop
{{{size}}} Quiver +3 ranged damage Crafted