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A biome is a region of the world, made up of specific tiles and behaviours. Each contains separate creatures and unique loot. Upon world creation, the player will be spawned in the Grasslands biome.

World[edit | edit source]

The world consists of layers, each containing different biomes.

0 - Overworld[edit | edit source]

The overworld is made up of mainly Grasslands, with Jungle at it's center. Swamp and Ruins can also be found littered through-out.

Grasslands[edit | edit source]

The grasslands make up most of the overworld and are made up of mostly grass, sand, trees, and waters.

Jungle[edit | edit source]

The jungle lays in the heart of the overworld, consisting of dirt, leaves, thicket, and jungle trees.

Ruins[edit | edit source]

Ruins can be found anywhere in the overworld. It is the home to native tribesmen, who will attack on sight.

Swamp[edit | edit source]

Like ruins, swamps are also generated anywhere in the overworld; They are made mainly from swamp water and grass.

1-9- Caves[edit | edit source]

Cave[edit | edit source]

Caverns, consisting mainly of dirt, gravel, and stone, make up most of the map. Additionl biomes will be generated according to depth. 2

Underground Ruins[edit | edit source]

Underground ruins are the equivalent underground version to Ruins.


Mines[edit | edit source]

Mine shafts can also be found randomly, on the first few cave layers.


Spider Den[edit | edit source]

Spider dens are made-up mostly from purple rock, but also contain webs and spider eggs.


A luminous underground swamp, made from sand, water, and mushrooms. Unique plants and herbs can be found in the glowswamp.

  • 7-9

Pre-generated entrances to the Crypt can be found on layer 9; It is the only way to access lower levels. Currently, these layers do not contain any specific or unique biome, but may include biomes such as Ice at a later date.

10 - Crypt[edit | edit source]

The layer is made up entirely of the Crypt. The only way to gain access to this layer, is to find the entrances in the above caves. An underworld portal can be found at the center, encased in Obsidian, which requires a specifc level of pickaxe to break. This layer also has libraries in random areas. You can fight the minotaur here.

11 - Underworld[edit | edit source]

After gaining access to the portal, the player can enter the underworld, made up of lava and obsidian. Smaller obsidian rooms can also be found here, with an Infernal Chest at it's center.