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Buffs and debuffs are special status effects granted to, or inflicted upon the player by a number of means. Buffs are given to the player through the consumption of specific Potions and have temporary effects upon use. Debuffs are inflicted by a large variety of Creatures, but many can be removed through the use of specific items or prevented entirely by specific accessories and armors.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Buffs[edit | edit source]

Effect Description
{{{size}}} Iron Skin +5 defence
{{{size}}} Bait +10 fishing
{{{size}}} Haste +30% movement
{{{size}}} Luminous +10 light
{{{size}}} Obsidian Skin Grants immunity to Burning.png Burning
{{{size}}} Regeneration Heals 2 health per second
{{{size}}} Sugar Rush +20% movement

Debuffs[edit | edit source]

Effect Description
{{{size}}} Bleeding Causes 2 damager per second
{{{size}}} Burning Causes 3 damage per second
{{{size}}} Frozen Slows by 50%
{{{size}}} Poisoned Causes 1 damager per second
{{{size}}} Potion Sickness Disables the use of healing potions