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Seeds are used to grow specific plants including Crops, Trees, and Grass.

For full growth cycles and harvested products, see Farming or Trees.

Crop Seeds[edit | edit source]

Name Seed Use
Used to grow Wheat.png Wheat .
Tomato Seeds
Tomato Seeds.png
Used to grow Tomato.png Tomatoes.
Carrot Seeds
Carrot Seeds.png
Used to grow Carrot.png Carrots.
Pineapple Crown
Pineapple Crown.png
Used to grow Pineapple.png Pineapples.

Other Seeds[edit | edit source]

Name Seed Use
Grass Seeds
Grass Seeds.png
Used to grow Grass (Tile).png grass on Dirt (Tile).png dirt tiles. Obtained by digging up grass with a Shovel.
Used to grow Coconut Tree s.png Coconut Trees. Obtained by chopping down coconut trees with an axe.

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