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Tiles are each individual square of the environment. They can be grass, dirt, gravel, clay, sand, water, etc. The player is able to walk over tiles as they do not obstruct movement with the exception of a few.

Terraforming[edit | edit source]

Certain tiles can be picked up and moved using the shovel allowing you to change the look, layout and overall usefulness of your environment, while other tiles yield resources for crafting but require other tools like a pickaxe to harvest with. Certain tiles can only be placed in specific areas, and details on this can be found on their respective page.

Terraforming/Resource Tiles
{{{size}}} Dirt (Tile) {{{size}}} Hole (Tile) {{{size}}} Shallow Water (Tile)
{{{size}}} Sand (Tile) {{{size}}} Clay (Tile) {{{size}}} Gravel (Tile)
{{{size}}} Grass (Tile) {{{size}}} Foliage (Tile) {{{size}}} Cave Floor (Tile)
{{{size}}} Lava (Tile)

Impassible Tiles[edit | edit source]

Impassible tiles act as barriers that do not allow the player to walk over.

Impassible Tiles
{{{size}}} Dirt Wall (Tile) {{{size}}} Rock Wall (Tile) {{{size}}} Clay Wall (Tile)
{{{size}}} Shrub (Tile) {{{size}}} Rotten Trunk (Tile) {{{size}}} Obsidian Wall (Tile)
{{{size}}} Deep Water (Tile) {{{size}}} Pit (Tile) {{{size}}} Mushroom Wall (Tile)
{{{size}}} Temple Wall (Tile) {{{size}}} Mine Shaft Wall (Tile) {{{size}}} Crypt Wall (Tile)
{{{size}}} Book Shelf (Tile) {{{size}}} Obsidian Brick Wall (Tile) {{{size}}} Hedge (Tile)
{{{size}}} Wooden Wall (Tile) {{{size}}} Cobblestone Wall (Tile) {{{size}}} Sandstone Wall (Tile)
{{{size}}} Stone Wall (Tile) {{{size}}} Brick Wall (Tile)

Ore Veins[edit | edit source]

Buried underground either mixed in with the multitude of stone or exposed to the winding caverns will be ore veins. These tiles will yield one unit of resource depending on the vein type per tile and must be mined with a pickaxe to collect. The veins encountered depends on the depth of the underground the player is in.

Ore Vein Tiles
{{{size}}} Coal Vein (Tile) {{{size}}} Copper Vein (Tile) {{{size}}} Iron Vein (Tile)
{{{size}}} Gold Vein (Tile) {{{size}}} Azurite Vein (Tile) {{{size}}} Cursed Vein (Tile)