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The Cave or Underground biome makes up the entirety of the underground layers: sub-levels two through ten. It is comprised of mainly rock, gravel, dirt, water pools, and a variety of ores and gems, becoming more valuable the deeper a player goes. Many biome types exist underground filled with loot specific to those areas. Loot chests are also common and are advised to be raided whenever a player finds one.

Spawn-rates[edit | edit source]

Sub-Level 2

  • Rate (250)
  • Max spawns (12)

Sub-Levels 3-4

  • Rate (200)
  • Max spawns (14)

Sub-Levels 5-7

  • Rate (150)
  • Max spawns (16)

Sub-Levels 8-10

  • Rate (150)
  • Max spawns (18)

Entities and Loot[edit | edit source]

Mobs Unique Items
Green Slime.png Green Slime
Bat.png Bat
Skeleton.png Skeleton
Skeletal Archer.png Skeletal Archer
Wraith.png Wraith
In Chests:
Boots of Swiftness.png Boots of Swiftness
Water Walkers.png Water Walkers
Ring of Intellect.png Ring of Intellect
Band of Light.png Band of Light
Ring of Regeneration.png Ring of Regeneration
Lifeforce Potion.png Lifeforce Potion
Bomb.png Bomb

From Mobs:

Resin.png Resin
Bat Wing.png Bat Wing
Wooden Arrow.png Wooden Arrow
Skull Helm.png Skull Helm
Bone Club.png Bone Club
Gunpowder.png Gunpowder
Wraith Dust.png Wraith Dust

Tips[edit | edit source]

The deeper you go, the more valuable the ores and gemstones become, as well as the harder the monster varieties get. Upgrade your weapons and armor to the highest tier you can before venturing deeper underground.