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Containers are placeable items which allow the player to store items. Containers currently range from 4-30 storage spaces, and can be acquired through crafting, or picking picking up randomly generated loot chests through-out the world.

Chest Table[edit | edit source]

Chest Storage Space
{{{size}}} Basket 4
{{{size}}} Crude Box 6
{{{size}}} Sack 8
{{{size}}} Small Crate 8
{{{size}}} Crate 12
{{{size}}} Chest 20
{{{size}}} Temple Chest 30
{{{size}}} Webbed Chest 30
{{{size}}} Bone Chest 30
{{{size}}} Mushroom Chest 30
{{{size}}} Infernal Chest 30
{{{size}}} Festive Chest 30