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Crafting is the essential gameplay element of Forsaken Isle. It is through this feature that a player can make everything they need to survive on the island, the underground, and the underworld itself. There are a variety of Workstations a player can create to make more advanced things.

The crafting window can be accessed by opening the player's inventory by pressing the E key, which is located on the right hand side, the left hand side is where all the player's collected items and equipped Armours and Accessories are.

The crafting interface has two modes: Discovery Mode, and Quick Crafting Mode

Discovery Mode[edit | edit source]

Discovery mode is the default method of crafting things in the game. There are 5 slots for resources which, when placed into those slots, will produce results in the slots located below them. The results given vary depending on the types of materials put in the discovery slots, the amount of resources placed in each slot, and the crafting stations located near the player at the time of opening the inventory.

If a player clicks on one of the results located below the discovery slots, then they will craft the selected item.

Quick Crafting Mode[edit | edit source]

Quick crafting mode is a new crafting feature introduced in a recent build of the game. When this mode is selected, it will list everything the player can craft right there, right then depending on the items the player is holding, the amount of those items, and what crafting stations they're standing near. Selecting an item in the crafting slots will show the player what resources they need, and the slots will be green if the player has enough of the required materials to make the item with.

To craft something in this mode, simply select the item on the right hand side and then click the CRAFT button in the middle of the inventory window. The crafted item will then be deposited into the player's inventory. If there are numbers within the CRAFT button, then it is an indicator of how many times a player can craft that item before they run out of the required materials.

Switching Modes[edit | edit source]

Two buttons are located on the left hand side of the crafting area, a magnifying lens button, and a list button, clicking on the magnifying lens button switches the crafting mode to discovery mode, clicking on the list button switches it to quick crafting mode.

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