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Creatures will regular spawn around the player at a rate depending on a number of factors, including biome, time of day, and number of active mobs.

Spawn Rates[edit | edit source]

Spawn rates vary throughout different biomes. The spawn rate gives the chance per tick/frame for an attempted spawn. A rate of 600 would give a 1 in 600 chance per frame for a mob to spawn.

Biome Spawn Rate Max Mobs
Grasslands 500 5
Cave(2) 250 12
Cave(3-4) 200 14
Cave(5-7) 150 16
Cave(8-10) 150 18
Swamp 350 6
Ruins 250 8
Underground Ruins 200 12
Mines 200 8
Jungle 250 12
Glowswamp 200 10
Spider Lair 180 15
Crypt 150 20
Library 175 12
Underworld 150 20

Population[edit | edit source]

A mob cannot spawn if the total creature count exceeds the biome's population. Most entities will be counted as 1, whilst others may take up more, or less, e.g. A bat would only count as 0.5 This value can also be effected by other factors, such as night.

Spawn Rules[edit | edit source]

A mob will attempt to spawn each frame, if the spawn rate roll passes, and the population still has room to spawn. A random tile will be chosen as a spawn location, within 50 tiles away from the player, and at a distance of at least 15. The chosen tile must also be passable in order for the mob to be successfully spawned.

Despawning[edit | edit source]

If a mob has been off screen for longer than 10 seconds, and is not a boss or animal, then the creature will be removed, and will not drop any items. Some creatures will also despawn during certain times of the day, if on the surface.

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