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The Crypt biome is the final level of the underground and features the Minotaur's maze and the portal to the underworld. The crypt is labyrinthine in design and filled with many powerful creatures, but holds a lot of Cursed Ore, Amber, and Emerald deposits to reward any player brave enough to venture through.

Spawn-rates[edit | edit source]

  • Rate (150)
  • Max spawns (20)

Entities and Loot[edit | edit source]

Mobs Unique Items
Yellow Slime.png Yellow Slime
Armoured Skeleton.png Armoured Skeleton
Necromancer.png Necromancer
Minotaur.png Minotaur
In Chests:
Bone Ingot.png Bone Ingot
Soul Orb.png Soul Orb
Bone.png Bone
Bull Skull.png Bull Skull
Forsaken Cowl.png Forsaken Cowl

From Mobs:

Bone.png Bone
Soul Orb.png Soul Orb
Taurite Bar.png Taurite Bar
Healing Potion.png Healing Potion
Recall Potion.png Recall Potion
Minotaur Mask.png Minotaur Mask
Lifeforce Potion.png Lifeforce Potion

Tips[edit | edit source]

Some of the hardest monsters dwell here, as well as resources to some of the best armor for the game at this point, stock up on potions for the boss, you'll need it!

The crypt is about 514 blocks from left to right, this may help you in your journey to the center of the crypt.

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