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An example of multiple farms growing different crops.

Farming is an aspect of gameplay that allows you to grow your own food from seeds. Currently you are able to grow wheat, tomatoes and carrots. Pineapples and berries are exceptions as they do not come from seeds.

How to Farm[edit | edit source]

Basics[edit | edit source]

In order to create a farm you first need a hoe. A hoe allows you to till land rendering it capable of being planted with seeds. Seeds placed on tilled land will grow to a full sized plant after a specific period of time has passed. Once fully grown, the plant may be harvested for food. Harvested plants are destroyed and food and seed are dropped.

Obtaining Seeds[edit | edit source]

Tomato seeds and grain can be found by destroying long grass or crafted from tomatoes and wheat. Carrot seeds must be obtained directly from a carrot.

For more information, see seeds.

Pineapples and Berries[edit | edit source]

Pineapples and berries are exceptions that do not grow from seeds. Pineapples grow from a planted pineapple crown. A pineapple crown does not have to be planted on tilled soil and therefore does not require a hoe. Berries grow on a berry bush which, likewise, do not have to be planted on tilled soil. When harvested, both the pineapple plant and berry bush are not destroyed. You do not have to replant them and the fruit will regrow over time.

Pineapple plants cannot be picked up, only destroyed. Berry bushes may be dug up with a shovel and replanted in another location. This is helpful as there is no way to grow your own berry bush.

Harvesting[edit | edit source]

In the table below you will find the yield for each harvested crop.

Name Seed Planted Stage Grown Stage Harvested Products
Planted Wheat.png
Grown Wheat.png
1x Wheat
0-1x Grain
Tomato Seeds
Tomato Seeds.png
Planted Tomato.png
Grown Tomato.png
3x Tomato
Tomato Seeds.png
1x Tomato Seed
Carrot Seeds
Carrot Seeds.png
Planted Carrot.png
Grown Carrot.png
1x Carrot
Carrot Seeds.png
1x Carrot Seed
Orange Seeds
Orange Seeds.png
Planted Orange.png
Grown Orange.png
1x Orange
Orange Seeds.png
1-2x Orange Seed
Flax Seeds
Flax Seeds.png
Planted Flax.png
Grown Flax.png
2x Fibers
Flax Seeds.png
1-2x Flax Seed
Glow Seeds
Glow Seeds.png
Planted Glow Bulb.png
Grown Glow Bulb.png
Glow Bulb.png
1-2x Glow Bulb
Glow Seeds.png
1-2x Glow Seeds
Berry Bush
Berry Bush Empty (Tile).png
Berry Bush (Tile).png
2x Berry
Pineapple Crown
Pineapple Crown.png
Pineapple Plant Empty (Tile).png
Pineapple Plant (Tile).png
1x Pineapple
Blazebloom Seeds
Blazebloom Seeds.png
Planted Blazebloom.png
Grown Blazebloom.png
1x Blazebloom
Blazebloom Seeds.png
1x Blazebloom Seed

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