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Food is a consumable item which restores hunger. Most foods can be cooked at a Firepit.png Firepit, increasing their effectiveness. More advanced foods can made at the Kitchen.png Kitchen. While meats can be acquired from killing certain creatures, many food-types can be grown and farmed using seeds.

Food Types[edit | edit source]

Potion Effect Ingredients
{{{size}}} Berries Restores 4 {{{size}}} Berry Bush
{{{size}}} Roast Berries Restores 8 hunger {{{size}}} Berries
{{{size}}} Bread Restores 20 hunger {{{size}}} Dough
{{{size}}} Pizza Restores 10 hunger {{{size}}} Rolled Dough
{{{size}}} Tomato Puree
{{{size}}} Split Coconut Restores 2 {{{size}}} Coconut
{{{size}}} Carrot Restores 6 Grasslands/grown
{{{size}}} Mushroom Restores 4 Grasslands/Cave
{{{size}}} Cooked Mushroom Restores 8 {{{size}}} Mushroom
{{{size}}} Roast Carrot Restores 10 {{{size}}} Carrot
{{{size}}} Stew Restores 25 {{{size}}} Wooden Bowl
{{{size}}} Carrot
{{{size}}} Raw Meat
{{{size}}} Tomato Restores 4 Grasslands/Grown
{{{size}}} Open Pineapple Restores 8 Pineapple
{{{size}}} Raw Meat Restores 6, grants Poison(10s) Pig



{{{size}}} Cooked Meat Restores 14 {{{size}}} Raw Meat
{{{size}}} Egg Restores 2 Chicken
{{{size}}} Raw Chicken Restores 6, grants Poison(15s) {{{size}}} Chicken
{{{size}}} Cooked Chicken Restores 12 {{{size}}} Raw Chicken
{{{size}}} Raw Spider Meat Restores 5, grants Poison(15s) Spider

Baby Spider

Spider Mother

{{{size}}} Spider Meat Restores 15 {{{size}}} Raw Spider Meat
{{{size}}} Seaweed Restores 5 Beach/Fishing
{{{size}}} Cooked Snapper Restores 5 {{{size}}} Snapper(Fishing)
{{{size}}} Cooked Soldierfish Restores 5 {{{size}}} Soldierfish(Fishing)
{{{size}}} Cooked Surgeonfish Restores 8 {{{size}}} Surgeonfish(Fishing)
{{{size}}} Cooked Butterflyfish Restores 8 {{{size}}} Butterflyfish(Fishing)
{{{size}}} Cooked Angelfish Restores 8 {{{size}}} Angelfish(Fishing)
{{{size}}} Cooked Yellow Tang Restores 8 {{{size}}} Yellow Tang(Fishing)
{{{size}}} Cooked Doctorfish Restores 8 {{{size}}} Doctorfish(Fishing)
{{{size}}} Orange Restores 5 Grasslands/Grown
{{{size}}} Cooked Bat Wing Restores 6 {{{size}}} Bat Wing