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Information about the biome goes here, including tile make-up, bosses, unique traits, etc

Spawn-rates[edit | edit source]

  • Rate (x) //The tick chance of a mob being spawned per frame
  • Max spawns (x) //The maximum amount of mobs that can be spawned at once

Entities and Loot[edit | edit source]

Use the biome table template here. See link for details.

Forsaken Isle:Style Guide/Biome
Mobs Unique Items
Skeleton.png Skeleton
In Chests:
Iron Sword.png Iron Sword
Wooden Boomerang.png Wooden Boomerang

Notes[edit | edit source]

Additional information about the biome can be included here.

Tips[edit | edit source]

Tips about the biome go here e.g. recommended armour/weapons, useful foods/potions.