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Game modes are specific ways to enjoy Forsaken Isle and have their own unique set of rules to how they are played. Currently there are two game modes available: Normal Mode and Adventure Mode with more game mode types hinted at for future releases.

Normal Mode[edit | edit source]

Normal mode is the basic vanilla style of game play. There are no special rules or changes to the game in this mode and is recommended for players to play this mode first to get the full experience of the game.

Adventure Mode[edit | edit source]

Adventure mode is largely the same as normal mode with one key difference: The discovery book is removed and all recipes are known to the player. This mode is for those who've played the game before and don't want to go through the hassle of constantly discovering the same recipes they already know about every time.

In this mode, when a player opens up their inventory near a crafting station and put materials in to make things, then all available results of their materials they can make at that time will show up, providing quick and easy crafting without the hassle of hoarding things to see what makes what.