Jungle Tree

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Jungle Tree
Jungle Tree.png
Type Tile

Jungle Trees are a type of Tree found only in the Jungle. They have many useful drops which requires cutting down the tree with an Axe.

Jungle Tree Drops[edit | edit source]

Jungle trees drop a minimum of two items and a maximum of three. They always drop two Log, leaving a chance for an additional drop.

Item Drop Rate
Log Log.png 2x (Always)
Resin Resin.png 0-1x

Planting & Replanting Jungle Trees[edit | edit source]

Jungle trees currently do not drop any form of seed used for propagating more jungle trees. When chopped down, jungle trees leave behind a stump, if this stump is left alone for a while the jungle tree will regrow where the stump is. Stumps can be removed using a shovel.

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