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Miscellaneous placeables are primarily categorized as building materials: walls, floors, fences, and similar constructs. When placed, these structures may be easily removed by hand without the use of a tool. These placeables are mainly used for defense, keeping hostile Creatures out of areas players may use frequently, or for keeping animals contained in an area.

There are five main types of building placeables: Walls, Floors, Fences, Furniture, and Creature Related.

Placeables List[edit | edit source]

Walls[edit | edit source]

Walls are impassible structures placed by the player for use in constructing buildings and home bases. Projectile attacks cannot pass through wall blocks nor can any creature pass through them. Once placed, walls can be removed by hand without the use of a tool.

{{{size}}} Dirt Wall {{{size}}} Sand Block {{{size}}} Wooden Wall
{{{size}}} Cobblestone Wall {{{size}}} Sandstone Wall {{{size}}} Stone Wall
{{{size}}} Brick Wall {{{size}}} Temple Wall {{{size}}} Mushroom Wall
{{{size}}} Crypt Wall {{{size}}} Obsidian Brick Wall {{{size}}} Red Candy Cane Wall
{{{size}}} Green Candy Cane Wall {{{size}}} Pine Tree Wall {{{size}}} Gingerbread Wall

Floors[edit | edit source]

Floors are decorative placeables for the ground that help define room space, be used for pathways, or purely for decorative purposes. Floors are placed in the same way as walls and are also easily removed by hand once put down.

{{{size}}} Dirt {{{size}}} Gravel {{{size}}} Wooden Floor
{{{size}}} Stone Floor {{{size}}} Sandstone Floor {{{size}}} Brick Floor
{{{size}}} Crypt Floor {{{size}}} Obsidian Brick Floor {{{size}}} White Carpet
{{{size}}} Red Carpet {{{size}}} Yellow Carpet {{{size}}} Blue Carpet
{{{size}}} Brown Carpet {{{size}}} Orange Carpet {{{size}}} Purple Carpet
{{{size}}} Green Carpet {{{size}}} Black Carpet {{{size}}} Festive Carpet

Fences[edit | edit source]

Fences are a subcategory of wall blocks that add an additional decorative flair to any structure. Unlike wall blocks, fences do not convert the ground tiles they're placed on to dirt.

{{{size}}} Stick Fence {{{size}}} Fence

Furniture[edit | edit source]

Furniture are decorative placeables that add personality to a player's structure. Some furniture has function, others are there just for decorative purposes.

{{{size}}} Woodendoor {{{size}}} Bed {{{size}}} Bookcase
{{{size}}} Table {{{size}}} Item Stand {{{size}}} Cushioned Stool
{{{size}}} Red Cushioned Stool {{{size}}} Yellow Cushioned Stool {{{size}}} Blue Cushioned Stool
{{{size}}} Brown Cushioned Stool {{{size}}} Orange Cushioned Stool {{{size}}} Purple Cushioned Stool
{{{size}}} Green Cushioned Stool {{{size}}} Black Cushioned Stool {{{size}}} Pile of Presents
{{{size}}} Christmas Tree {{{size}}} Gingerbread Door

Creature Related[edit | edit source]

This set of items relates to the use and behavior of Creatures, either the breeding of animals, or the spawning of specific mobs.

Creature Related
{{{size}}} Chicken Coop {{{size}}} Trough {{{size}}} Tribal Totem

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