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Ores are required in order to create ingots, to craft more advanced Armour and Weapons. Ores can be found underground, in veins and rocks, and require a pickaxe to mine. Metals are also needed to craft tools.

Ore List[edit | edit source]

Ore Ores Per Ingot Ingot
{{{size}}} Copper Ore 3 {{{size}}} Copper Ingot
{{{size}}} Iron Ore 3 {{{size}}} Iron Ingot
{{{size}}} Gold Ore 3 {{{size}}} Gold Ingot
{{{size}}} Azurite Ore 3 {{{size}}} Azurite Ingot
{{{size}}} Cursed Ore 3 {{{size}}} Cursed Ingot
{{{size}}} Flamerite Ore 2 {{{size}}} Flamerite Ingot

Notes[edit | edit source]

Bone Ingot.png Bone Ingots are crafted from Bone.png Bone and Soul Orb.png Soul Orb and do not require ores.

Taurite Bar.png Taurite Bars are dropped after slaying the Minotaur boss located in the Crypt.