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Plants are any major resource in the game that isn't either Ores or Creatures and the majority of which are found above ground on the surface, although some plant varieties can be found underground. Many of these plants drop seeds which can be Farmed by the player for more resources and seeds. Planting seeds requires the use of a Hoe

There are four main types of plants: Trees, Crops, Mushrooms, and Non-Farmables

Plants List[edit | edit source]

Trees[edit | edit source]

Trees are found everywhere on the surface and must be chopped down with an axe. Trees drop logs, resin, sticks, and sometimes bark. Coconut trees must be replanted with coconuts but all other trees leave behind a stump, and if that stump is left alone then the tree will regrow after some time. Stumps can be removed with a shovel.

{{{size}}} Coconut Tree {{{size}}} Oak Tree {{{size}}} Palm Tree
{{{size}}} Jungle Tree

Crops[edit | edit source]

Crops are all plants that drop seeds that can be planted in tilled soil. A hoe is required to till soil and it can only be done on grass or dirt tiles. Blazebloom can NOT be planted in tilled soil, but can instead be planted anywhere in the underworld.

{{{size}}} Flax {{{size}}} Tomato {{{size}}} Pineapple
{{{size}}} Wheat {{{size}}} Orange {{{size}}} Carrot
{{{size}}} Blazebloom {{{size}}} Glow Bulb {{{size}}} Berry Bush

Mushrooms[edit | edit source]

Mushrooms are fungi growing in a wide variety of locations, from the surface to the underground. Mushrooms are commonly used for food, but some can be used for potions.

{{{size}}} Mushroom {{{size}}} Glow Shroom

Non-Farmables[edit | edit source]

Non-farmables are all other plants that don't fall into any of the previous categories. True to their name sake, they have no known way of being actively grown by the player and instead must be found in the wild.

{{{size}}} Sugar Cane {{{size}}} Swamp Roots {{{size}}} Root
{{{size}}} Reeds {{{size}}} Lily Pad {{{size}}} Bark
{{{size}}} Flower {{{size}}} Seaweed {{{size}}} Leaves

Seeds[edit | edit source]

Seeds are commonly dropped from tall grass as well as farmable plants, and can sometimes be crafted from the fruits of said plants. Seeds can be planted on tilled soil with the exception of Blazebloom Seeds and Grass Seeds, which must be planted in the underworld for the former and dirt tiles on the overworld for the latter.

{{{size}}} Flax Seeds {{{size}}} Tomato Seeds {{{size}}} Orange Seeds
{{{size}}} Carrot Seeds {{{size}}} Grain {{{size}}} Glow Seeds
{{{size}}} Coconut {{{size}}} Pineapple Crown {{{size}}} Blazebloom Seeds
{{{size}}} Grass Seeds

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