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Potions are a type of consumable item that, when consumed, apply an effect to the player, usually in the form of a buff or restoring health and mana. Potions are created at the Alchemy Table.png Alchemy Table, using a Flask.png Flask and specific ingredients.

Potion List[edit | edit source]

Potion Effect Ingredients
{{{size}}} Lesser Healing Potion Restores 50 health {{{size}}} Flask
{{{size}}} Mushroom/{{{size}}} Tomato
Also found in Chests
{{{size}}} Healing Potion Restores 100 health {{{size}}} Flask
{{{size}}} Lesser Healing Potion(2)
{{{size}}} Glow Bulb
Also dropped by the Minotaur
{{{size}}} Greater Healing Potion Restores 150 health (unobtainable)
{{{size}}} Lesser Mana Potion(2) Restores 50 mana {{{size}}} Flask(2)
{{{size}}} Fibers
{{{size}}} Mana Potion Restores 100 mana {{{size}}} Flask
{{{size}}} Lesser Mana Potion(2)
{{{size}}} Glow Bulb
{{{size}}} Greater Mana Potion Restores 150 mana (unobtainable)
{{{size}}} Potion of Light Grants Luminous {{{size}}} Flask
{{{size}}} Glow Bulb(2)
{{{size}}} Leaves
{{{size}}} Potion of Speed(2) Grants Haste {{{size}}} Flask(2)
{{{size}}} Feather
{{{size}}} Sugar
{{{size}}} Poison Elixir Cures Poison {{{size}}} Flask
{{{size}}} Venom Sac
{{{size}}} Elixir of Defence Grants Defence {{{size}}} Flask
{{{size}}} Iron Ore(2)
{{{size}}} Recall Potion Teleports player back to spawn point {{{size}}} Flask
{{{size}}} Wraith Dust(3)
Also dropped by the Minotaur
{{{size}}} Obsidian Potion Grants Obsidian Skin {{{size}}} Flask
{{{size}}} Obsidian(3)
{{{size}}} Blazebloom(2)
{{{size}}} Bandage Cures Bleeding, Grants Regeneration(10s) {{{size}}} Fibers(2)
{{{size}}} Cloth Bandage(2) Cures Bleeding, Grants Regeneration(18s) {{{size}}} Fabric
{{{size}}} Worm Grants Fishing(2m) Found in long grass