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Biome Grasslands(Night)/Cave
AI Mob
Damage 9
Health 35

The Skeleton is a type of Mob that poses a threat to the player. Skeletons are found anywhere above ground at night, at any level underground, and only attacks at close range.

It is recommended to fight Skeletons only if a player can't avoid them.

Skeletons can drop three things: Gunpowder, Bone Clubs, and Skull Helms, although the bone equipment are rare drops. Skeletons will try to take a direct path to the player and are easily thwarted by walls.

Loot[edit | edit source]

Item Amount Chance
{{{size}}} Gunpowder 1 ~50%
{{{size}}} Bone Club 1 ~10%
{{{size}}} Skull Helm 1 ~10%