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Biome Spider Den
AI Mob
Damage 20
Health 40

The Spider is a type of Mob that poses a threat to the player. Spiders are stronger than baby spiders, but still pose a significant threat to the player.

It is recommended to fight spiders only whenever a player has a powerful advantage over them.

Spiders drop four things: Web, Raw Spider Meat, Spider Fangs, and Venom Sacs. Spiders are found all over spider dens and immediately head for the player as soon as they spawn, and can also inflict Poisoned debuffs on the player.

Loot[edit | edit source]

Item Amount Chance
{{{size}}} Web 1-3 ~50%
{{{size}}} Venom Sac 1-2 ~25
{{{size}}} Raw Spider Meat 1 ~15%
{{{size}}} Spider Fang 1 ~15%