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The underground is a vast maze of twisted and looping tunnels, filled with open spaces, valuable ores, and hostile creatures waiting for the hapless adventurer to fall into them unprepared. Vines grow on the surface that give players an easy access point to the first sub-level of the underground, but from that point onward, they need to make stairs to progress deeper. One cannot simply dig through the floors to reach lower levels.

Stairs[edit | edit source]

Stairs come in three flavors that can be crafted by the player: Wooden Stairs, Iron Stairs, and Golden Stairs. Each stair type does the same thing: when placed on the ground, it creates a staircase leading to the next level lower.

Stairs can be used to access sub-levels 3 through 10 of the underground, but player made stairs cant be used to access the Crypt. Instead the player must find special staircases surrounded by Crypt Walls and break through the barricades in order to progress deeper.

Portals[edit | edit source]

There is only one type of portal in the game so far: the portal that links the Crypt to the Underworld. This blazing red portal is found with the Minotaur's Maze, and requires the defeat of the Minotaur in order to get the materials needed to break through the obsidian brick walls protecting the portal.

The Underworld portal may be freely used without limit by the player once they have access to it.

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