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Type Resource
Item ID 0

Sticks are a very important resource used in many crafting recipes. Sticks can be found in the wild and do not require a tool to be gathered. Cutting down a Coconut Tree s.png tree with an Iron Axe s.png axe has a chance of dropping sticks. Sticks can also be crafted from a Log s.png Log using a Lathe s.png Lathe.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Result Amount
Stick.png Stick 2
{{{size}}} Log 1

Crafting Bench
By Hand

Used in[edit | edit source]

Result Workstation
{{{size}}} Campfire -
{{{size}}} Torch -
{{{size}}} Hammer -
{{{size}}} Chisel -
{{{size}}} Simple Rod -
{{{size}}} Wooden Sword -
{{{size}}} Flint Spear -
{{{size}}} Basket -
{{{size}}} Tanning Rack -
{{{size}}} Stone Axe -
{{{size}}} Stone Pickaxe -
{{{size}}} Stone Hoe -
{{{size}}} Stone Shovel -
{{{size}}} Flint Axe -
{{{size}}} Flint Pickaxe -
{{{size}}} Flint Hoe -
{{{size}}} Flint Shovel -
{{{size}}} Stick Fence {{{size}}} Workbench
{{{size}}} Refined Stick {{{size}}} Lathe