Tribal Archer

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Tribal Archer
Tribal Archer.png
Biome Ruins/Underground Ruins
AI Mob
Damage 5
Health 15

The Tribal Archer is a type of Mob that poses a threat to the player. Tribal archer are one of three classes of tribal warriors found throughout the ruins and underground ruins. Tribal archers attack at a distance

It is recommended to avoid tribal archers whenever a player can.

Tribal Archers drop several things: Blowdarts, Tribal Feathers, Blowpipes, and Tiki Masks. The weapon and armor drops are fairly rare, with the tiki mask being the most rare drop from any tribal warriors. Tribal archers will attempt to keep a distance from the player, and take pot shots at them with their bows. The archers have half the health of spearmen, but are slightly more powerful than the dartblowers.

Loot[edit | edit source]

Item Amount Chance
{{{size}}} Blowdart 1-2 ~40%
{{{size}}} Tribal Feather 1-2 ~40%
{{{size}}} Blowpipe 1 ~10%
{{{size}}} Tiki mask 1 ~5%