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A workstation is a placeable item that allows the player to craft more advanced recipes whilst nearby. All stations within a 2 tile radius will be included when trying to craft an item.

Stations[edit | edit source]

Station Description Recipe
{{{size}}} Workbench The most basic workstation. Log.png Log(5)Cord.png Cord
{{{size}}} Campfire A temporary campfire. Used for cooking food items. Stick.png Stick(4)Flint.png Flint
{{{size}}} Firepit A permanent version of the campfire. Rocks.png Rocks(5)Log.png Log(2)
{{{size}}} Forge Used for smelting ores into ingots. Rocks.png Rocks(10)Coal.png Coal(4)
{{{size}}} Anvil Used to create metal items from ingots. Iron Ingot.png Iron Ingot(6)Hammer.png Hammer
{{{size}}} Mill Can grind up items. Round Stone.png Round Stone(2)Refined Stick.png Refined Stick
{{{size}}} Oven Used to cook more advanced food. Coal.png Coal(4)Stone Block.png Stone Block(5)
{{{size}}} Spinning Wheel Spins wools and threads into fabric. Wooden Wheel.png Wooden WheelCord.png Cord Log.png Log(10)
{{{size}}} Lathe Allows the player to create advanced wooden items. Workbench.png WorkbenchChisel.png Chisel
{{{size}}} Mason Block Used to shape rocks into items. Chisel.png ChiselHammer.png HammerRocks.png Rocks(4)
{{{size}}} Gem Cutting Table Crafts cut gems. Chisel.png ChiselGlass Lens.png Glass LensLog.png Log(10)
{{{size}}} Alchemy Table Allows ingredients to be combined into potions. Mortar.png MortarFlask.png FlaskLog.png Log(10)
{{{size}}} Dye Vat Allows ingredients to be combined into dyes. Rocks.png Rocks(20)
{{{size}}} Cooking Cauldron Used to make Stew. Cauldron.png CauldronCampfire.png CampfireWater.png Water
{{{size}}} Tanning Rack Used to turn hides into leather. Stick.png Stick(4)Cord.png Cord(2)
{{{size}}} Bone Anvil A more advanced version of the anvil. Anvil.png AnvilSoul Orb.png Soul Orb(4)Bone.png Bone(20)
{{{size}}} Bone Table An advanced workbench. Can be found through-out the Crypt. Found in the crypt
{{{size}}} Infernal Forge An advanced forge. Can smelt high end ore. Obsidian.png Obsidian(15)

|{{{size}}} Kitchen